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We have added this page to illustrate how a good quality garden makeover can transform your outdoor living area, we have deliberately added some of our smaller landscaping projects to show that you don't have to break the bank to make a difference.

For a more extensive collection of photos please visit our project galllery

Below Left.

A good size garden in a great location catching the sun for most of the day, unfortunately the space was not used to its full potential in fact it was a  probmatic garden with drainage problems a delapitated fence and a unusable lawn



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Below Right

Our first remit was to renew the fence,  we then built some stone walling which allowed us to level out the lawn area,   a gentle curve in the wall was used so the water feature could be used as a center piece, the new artifical lawn laid on a hardcore base gives our client an attractive while but also a very usable area while eliminating any drainage problems.

The patio laid  in natural Indian sandstone is now a sizable area maximising this sunny area to its full potential < New text box >>

Above left,

Another lawn laid onto hardcore with very little top soil, our remit for this one was to create a space that was maintenace free but would also allow our client to sit out on a nice day.


Above right, the shape of the original layout was very boring, a rectangle lawn that was a mud bath when it rained, the monoblock circle was the starting point of our garden design everything else was worked around it, the matching setts as a border and the lighter paving area a great contrast to the slate coloured borders/circle,  the artifical grass finishes the look while providing a fantastic looking lawn in all seasons, the result is a very clean and unique looking garden, which is most definately fit for purpose.

Above - Front Garden & Drive, Carron

Here we have a front garden with an long driveway for 4-5 cars, the front garden is on a steep slope.


Below Right - As the driveway is long but narrow & although it easily parked up to 5 cars it was not very practical as cars had to be moved to allow for those parked in behind to exit, the front garden which was also on a steep slope was not being utilised to its full potential.

To overcome the parking problem it was clear that we had to make better use of the front garden to allow cars to either park or turn but without turning the area into something that looked like a a glorified carpark.

To do this we started by leveling the front garden by inserting retaining walls which allowed us to lift the height of the garden nearer the house, we also had enough clearance in height from the DPC level of the house to do away with 1 of the steps which allows for much easier access to the house, we then formed a circle with paths using monoblock pavers to match the ones used in the driveway, the decorative stones are laid on top of a 150mm harcore base covered with cedagravel sheets, this allows for cars to run over the area without any fears of sinking into the gravel, & without leaving as much as a tyre track & of course it is free draining, the look is finished with some nicely planted raised beds.

To keep the appearance clean and simple we have used the same colour of blockpavers for our edging course as we did for the main areas and also the steps, walls & all kerbs were formed using the exact same brick/block edging.

Above - Rear garden Boness


Below Right - 1st problem we had in the design of this one was the outswinging patio doors where we had to form an area which would pass building control regulations without it haveing an negitave impact on the look, we achieved this by using a circle to give us the required sized of area while creating a focal point for the design, our remit on this one was to create a useable area that was practally maintenace free and more important child friendly.

The area in front of the patio doors was decked out to create an nice sized area which tied the room and garden together brillantly, the artifical lawn gives us a very useable & child friendly area and also adds some colour the the garden, the pavers used in the design are mortar free  with no pointed joints therefor creating a beautiful patio that is extremely low maintenace, The materials used to create the footpaths were the same as the ones used to form the circle thus tieing everything together, some raised beds completed the design, which when planted out will give this design another dimension.

I also sort of became an uncle while on this project, Congratulations to Chris, Jullie & Elsie on the arrival of little Barney

Above - Rear Garden In Polmont


Below right - The Garden originally sloped from front to back & let to right with steps down to a gate, as the area around the gate gained the most sunshine we designed the new layout to take advantage of this, 1st we removed the gate an moved it to a new posistion futher up the fence from this point we dismantled then re-errected the fence 1.8m wider than it was originally sited, this gave us a lot more space up the r/h side of the garden & allowed us to build a bin store at the house end, we also formed an extra parking bay which was accessed from the new gate, and more importantly it allowed us to level the garden and make full use of the space,

We also removed the window to the garage and formed a door with stepped access from the patio, and a nice curved patio area to the l/h side of the garage door where we used materials to match the footpaths now gives our client a very decent sized garden which is fit for purpose.

Above - Rear Garden in Larbert In April 2013


Below Right - This is phase 1 of this project, 1st we built some retaining walls with a stone to match the house & existing boundry wall, this gave us 2 very useable areas, we used gentle curves to soften the garden, we then formed a patio useing a mono block circle extending through to create footpaths, an other curved path leading to a bbq area helps us create the look we are looking for, an other curved wall at the top of the garden using the same grey kerbstone used throughout the design is used to create a raised bed, this not only ties it all together but also makes  the boundry wall look more streamlined, large and a small circles is then formed with the same materials used throuout the project to create a pebble pool to accomadate the stunning stainless steel & granite water feature, another superb feature which can be seen better in the project gallery page is the original design used to form the steps linking both levels.

Phase 2 will include artifical lawns and raised beds and starts around December time this year

Above is the rear garden in Sneddon Place Airth, the garden was constantly flooded from the rain water flowing down the huge hill behind the gabion wall (worst I have seen) the patio is covered in silt and the lawn is badly sodden, in reality the garden is unusable.

Below right is the is the result of many a sleepless night, it hardly stopped raining during the clearance and drainage stages, which caused us many a problem, 50 ton of hardcore later and we have a  fit for purpose garden which is now fully usable.

A quick mention to our client Scott, whose constantly upbeat attitude made the whole process much easier, also the gifts presented to us on completion were very much appriecated and showed a touch of class, Thank you Scott, not so sure about the manhug though lol. 

Above - Rear garden in Erskine Lane, Larbert in need of some landscaping


Below right - Our client wanted something a bit different & not just a standard square or rectangle patio with a narrow path leading to it, all we done in this one was run the patio at right angles to the building then left the edges random which gives the patio a more natural feel & allows for the patio to come back futher towards the gable path which in turn helps minimse the lenth of the path leading to the patio.

Above - A rear garden with a severe slope from front to back in Larbert.


Below - To start with we built some retaining walls which were shaped to mirror the Hexagon shape of the conservatory, & not only in shape but in size as well, the smooth rendered finish helps give us the contemporary feel we were looking for, the patio was also shaped to compliment this look, in the the lower section we built a smaller patio with steps down to it which our client wanted as invisable as possible? a new lawn completes the look.

For more photos of this landscaping project please visit our picture gallery page.


Above - Rear garden with severe slope in Wallacestone, Falkirk


Bottom right - Our client advised that the severe slope made large sections of the garden practically unusable. We have split the area into 3 usable sections while access to all 3 of the newly landscaped areas is taken from the set of gently curving steps on the right of the photo



Above  - Rear garden in Larbert


Below right -  Our client was looking to have flower beds installed where bending was at a minimun, We built 3 interlocking/split level raised-beds where the centre of all sections were easily reachable, the facing bricks used matched the house brick, we also formed a patio & paths with granite pavers which were also used to form a cope on the raised-beds which in turn can easily double up as seating, this was phase 1 of our landscaping project which was completed in 3 phases.


You can read what our client had to say about trust Landescapes on our testimonial page, just follow the link and look for Francis from Larbert

Above - Small front garden in Tay St, Grangemouth


Below right - This may be what some "landscapers" call landscaping but not us here at Trust Landescapes and certainly not our client, our remit was to give a low maintenance but colourful front garden with a front step that had to be curved, a lot of thought and unseen work went into this one, first all the small bricks used to form the circles are cut up from the  full size bricks already being used in other parts of the design, this helped us minimize the use of materials type which in turn helps tie everything toghther and assures that the design does not become too fussy looking, the smaller sections of brick assist us in forming a much truer curve than one built with full size bricks.

Above - Rear garden Slamannan Rd, Falkirk.


Below - A real building site! following a newly built extension by other contractors.

A beautiful hardwood-deck with seats & raised-beds built in, the natural-stone pavers used to form the patio & the newly formed walls with a smooth render finish give the area a nice contemperary feel.

We also carried out work to both the driveway & front gardens which can be seen by clicking the project gallery link.

Above - Rear garden, Rumford, Nr Maddiston, Falkirk


Below right - A very wet rear lawn & play-area which was practically unusable, artificial grass really does comes into its own in this type of situation, great looking and useable all year round, we now have a lawn and play-area that is fit for purpose.

Above -  Rear garden in Henryson Ave, Larbert

Below - A new lawn, some low growing conifers and a lovely patio totally tranform this rear garden.

Above - Phase 1 retaining-wall Slamannan Rd, Falkirk


Below right - The wall to the right was in a poor condition with the foundations above the finished ground-levels of the new exstension. new concrete-block wall helps support the old wall while a 2nd wall built further out adds to the strength while producing a nice feature of a raised-bed which we felt was better than a full height wall next to the original.

Above - A wet and boring rear garden, Achray Dr, Falkirk


Below right - Another wet and boring lawn with a slope, we built this one throughout the bad winter of 2010 fighting against the frost & snow, we got rid of the impracticable slope by building some nice retaining-walls which gives the garden 2 very usable levels, the grey brick on edge on the wall gives an excellent contrast to the natural-sandstone used in both the walls & patio.


To find out what our client thought of our efforts just click the link to or testimonials page and look for Dave Storrar Falkirk

Above - Front garden in Dorritor Rd, Camelon, Falkirk


Below right - Old fashioned front garden which became a bit too much to maintain for our elderly clients., we used the circle as a centre piece to interlink the paths which were at diferent levels, we then broke the rest of the garden up through contrasting stones and plants and again we cut up the materials used on our main section to build our curved areas which we feel helps tie everything together

Above - Rear garden, Callender Rise Estate, Falkirk


Below right - Again another fine example of a rear garden in a new build, the small structure in the centre of the garden is the so called steps that our client had to fight hard for with the house builder. we have broken the garden into usable sections by building retaining-walls using stone walling bricks to match the house & pavers to match the existing stone walling bricks used to build the house.

Simple but effective.


This was phase 2 of a 3 phase landscapeing project

Above - Rear gardenWallacestone, Falkirk


Below right - Not too much designing required here, the brick built retaining-walls are a great contrast to the surroundings and are less maintainance than the original timber-built retaining-walls, our golf mad client now has no excuse for not practicing on his new artifical putting-green & artificial lawn which totally transform this small garden into a low-maintenance, fit for purpose garden 

Above - Small front gardenTak Me Hame Rd, Stenhousemuir, Larbert


Below right -  A newly landscaped front garden on a new build! this was a nightmare to design as it was very small garden & sourcing the right materials in the right sizes became time consuming, we wanted to achieve the wow factor but it would have been very easy to build something over powering, did we achieve our goal?

Find out what our client thought by clicking the link to our testimonials page then look for Chris from Stenhousemuir.

Above - Rear Garden, Henryson Ave, Larbert


Below right - This photo was taken in bad light but it's just another example of a rear garden in a new build, here we used the shapes of the existing building to great effect, see other photos in our project gallery to get a better feel, The garden and house were all rectangles, sqaures and hexagons but our client wanted a circle incorporated into the design so we put it in the centre of the patio and squared it off then shaped the path and planting beds to match the hexagon shaped conservatory which we feel ties it all together quite nicely.

Top - Small rear garden, Bucksburn, Aberdeen


Below - Now this brings back some great memories, more of a building site than a garden, we stayed up in Aberdeen & had just over a week to complete this landscaping project, the first 3 days were a total washout, the torrential rain & high winds meant we were falling well behind schedule, we had to erect a gazebo to help us to progress quicker, but we ended up spending more time retrieving the gazebo and re-erecting it than we did building lol, anyway we got there in the end, many thanks to Angie & Tony for their outstanding hospitality.

Top - Rear garden, Adam Cre, Stenhousemuir, Larbert


Bottom - Right first, take down the retaining-wall no problem! well the wall was actually about 500mm thick and mostly pure concrete, our client was looking for a large patio with access taken from a set of full length steps, that had wider treads than standard.

Because of the shape of the garden and because we prefered a square shaped patio, we had to taper the treads to fit our design.

Top -  Small garden, Hallglen, Falkirk,


Bottom - Very simple low cost, low maintenance design which allowed our client to use their garden to sit out in the "good weather" in relative privacy 

Above  - Rear garden, Henryson Ave, Larbert


Below right -  Another new build another rear garden with slope, We staggered the patio to give it a more natural edge we then laid new paths and a base for the shed.

We also brought in more top-soil to level off the garden, we felt that we didnt have enough space to build a retaining-wall so we levelled the lawn as far out towards the fence as possible then gently sloped it to the base of the conifers which we feel gives the garden a more natural feel. 

Top - Small garden, Tay St, Grangemouth


Below right -  How not to build a step, it looks terrible & would have been very slippery & dangerous in wet conditions (which would have been most of the time lol) The uneven risers to the steps and poor size ratio on the treads complete a verypoorly designed & built set of steps.

A nice curved set of steps & path both formed using natural-sandstone pavers, the steps now have more even risers (which is vital when building steps) and a much better balance/ratio on the treads.

Top - Rear Garden, Birdland, Boness


Below right - After digging out almost 30 ton of clay based soil we infilled the area with type-one hardcore to our set levels before compacting it with a vibrating plate throughout, the artifical-grass is then laid on a well prepared sharp sand base which has been covered with a landscape fabric, we then secure all the sections of artifical-grass together with some jointing tape and specialist glue before finally securing the lawn around the edges, we now have a all weather multi-purpose rear garden ready to use.

Above - Log-Cabin rear garden, Bridge Of Allan, Near Stirling


Below -  Lovely log cabin but with a very dangerous slope at the access points.

A small decking platform built on stilts with a handrail formed using plain spindles & newal-posts gives this a very natural look & it is now much safer for anybody using the log-cabin.

Top - Front garden in need of some attention, Slamannan Rd, Falkirk


Below right - After renewing the front wall & clearing the site we used the circle as a center piece of which all other shapes & sizes were taken, we extended the circumference for the raised-bed near the wall then off set a part circle of similar circumference for the smaller bed, Tegula mono brick-pavers were used on the path and circle to allow vechiles to run over them while the driveway was made up of ceda-gravel panels and 14mm decorative-stones laid on a compacted hardcore base which allow for vehicles to travel over the surface without leaving a tread mark, it also has excellent soakaway properties and is a brillant alternative to mono block-paving.

Top - Untidy raised-bed & patio area, Wallacestone Brae Wallacestone, Falkirk


Below right - Our client wanted more definition to the raised-bed, with a nice seating-area to the front of the raised-bed.

We cut back some of the tar driveway and put in a nice stone-built retaining-wall which was sloped follow the slope of the driveway, another retaining-wall was built oppostite to both define & retain the raised-bed area, because of the angle where the walls meet we had a sort of no mans land which we filled with a curved retaining-wall and our clients choice of small garden feature uses this area very well indeed.

Top - Small rear garden, Drum Farm Lane, Boness, West lothian


Below right - Small overgrown & unloved rear garden, quite simply our remit was to give our client a low cost low maintenace garden she could sit out in.

First we put in a small wall to allow us to define the path from the garden & also to retain the decorative stones, we then built in a small circle with decorative-stones on a landscapeing fabric, a new path & copeing on the wall cut fron the same natural stone pavers that was used in the patio which we feel ties everything in together nicely.

Above - Preperation for new patio area in rear garden, Carron, Falkirk


Below - The patio was formed useing tegua mono block pavers to give this rear garden a court yard feel, the decking has been lowered useing all the existing timbers, a nice curved raised bed highlights the tree in the corner while also provideing the garden with additional seating, A nice curved step softens the overall look while the circle is split between the patio and the lawn & gives a nice layered look to the layout, a stunning corner cabin with large doubled glazed windows make this garden perfect for entertaining friends & family.

The next stage of the project is a new artical lawn which is due to start in early spring 2013.

I will post the photos of this in the project gallery once completed.

Top - Fireplace? Letham, Nr Airth, Falkirk


Below right -  And if you cant get working outside in the garden come indoors, well sometimes!

A good friend of ours asked if we could build him a random stone fire place, the problem with this job was the stone he chose was specialy cut for building dry stone dykes so the faces were all slanted inwards and it was such a hard stone it was almost impossible to dress correctly, we got there in the end just in time for christmas.



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